In this subject, our Attorney at law firm practices procedures on exploitation, usage of water and residual discharges.  Extraction, exploitation, usage of national waters of the subsoil, lightened and shallow.  Exclusive dealership, assignments, permits, renewals, suspension, extinction, restriction, services, reversal of exclusive dealership or assignment for water usage. Register and transference of titles. Usage (agricultural, watering, technical, general of electrical energy). Investments. National Goods. (beach, federal areas, land, lakes, rivers, islands). Environmentalpreservation, restoration and protection. Environmental regulation of human settlements. Hazardous activities. Non renewable resources. Hazardous residuals and materials. Control and safety measures. Nuclear energy. Administrative procedures, denunciation, infringements and sanctions, safety and corrective measures. Means of defense. Resources, nullity trials and litigation. 

Click here to read more: – National Water Commission. Mexico.  or – http://www.semarnat.gob.mx or – Forest Federal Commission. Mexico. or – Avocate General of Protection to the Atmosphere. Mexico. or – Center of Knowledge of the Water. Mexico.