It is a Law Firm in Mexico with more than 50 years of experience in the professional market, where each of its members is distinguished in a specialty area.
The defense team of Islas Colín & Asociados has practiced in several jurisdictions acquiring a respectable training and experience through the constant recurrence of cases in Mexico.
Another advantage of the Firm is that it has important material and human resources at the forefront, necessary to deal immediately and efficiently with the most difficult cases.
The Firm’s philosophy focuses primarily on using all available legal and science tools to achieve a favorable solution.
The tradition of the Colín & Asociados Islands is to inform you in an honest and completely frank manner in what legal situation you are in, the scope of your case and the formula of how to deal with it.
However complex or difficult the cases are, they will always have a solution.

Area of ​​Expertise:

– Consulting, Consulting and Litigation.
– Electoral – Migration.
– National and International Calls, Auctions and Tenders.
– Intentional and Customs Trade.
– Economic Competition. Unfair Practices. Dumping.
– Creation, Organization, Merger and Excision of Companies. Escrow.
– Water. Environmental Protection.
– Electric Power, Nuclear. Petroleum.
– Communications.
– Air Transportation. Maritime.
– Agrarian. Property. Urban Development.
– Taxes. (ISR, IVA, ISCA). Social Security.
– Foreign investment. Maquiladoras.
– Inventions, Trademarks. Copyright.
– Family Disputes. Wills and Intests.
– Medical Responsibility. Biotechnology. Laboratories.
– Laboral. (Individual, Collective).
– Banking. Values. Insurance. Bonds
– Criminal. (International, Federal, Local).
– Contracts and Agreements in Gene