An accusation is not a symbol of responsibility.  Our path in the legal arena has provided us with great expertise in Mexico. Constantly the criminal law is being reformed so updating topics related to crime such as assisted procreation, artificial insemination, genetic manipulation, sexual safety and psychosexual development, family violence, homicides, injuries, inviolability of domicile, the patrimony, against public servants, against the public service, against the development of justice, professional exercise providing harmful or inappropriate medicines, against certification, against the environment, against the electoral democracy, as well as the illicit conductsthat refer to the special dispositions(regulations) in urban, fiscal, financial, environmental, forest matter, etc. We elaborate denunciations and complaints, we represent to take a solid inquiry, recovery of objects and instruments of crime, among others. We attend to the defense in legal processes, appeals and judgment of protection before the international, federal and local instances.