Our goal in the corporation field is to provide consultancy to traders, entrepreneurs and  foreign corporations in their activities in Mexico.  Taking charge  of the projects of constitution, assembly acts and board meetings, merging, consolidations, divisions, transformations or in re-structuration and enforcements. Assessment in associations, co-investments.  Negotiation.   Opening of branches and subsidiaries, representative offices, permanent establishments, change of name or denomination.   Deposit contracts, guarantee, stockholders rights, and board or civil servants functions.  Creation, handling, and up-dating books.  (acts, major and journals). The shape of trust has been very useful to enterprise and trade activity, since it is a contract celebrated by one or more people, national or foreigners, with a bank (fiduciary), to which certain goods or rights are transmitted with a pre-established goal in order to accomplish it in favor of the beneficiaries. So, our Firm grants services related to assessment, consulting, negotiation, and elaboration of several models of trust contracts, with national and foreign fiduciary institutions, in the following areas: managerial, saving funds, retirement, pension, insurance, premium payment, and administration.  of seniority, bonds and titles,
real estate acquisition in restricted areas (coast and Mexican borders), (housing, commercial, tourism, highways, ports and industrial, etc) developments. We make ordinary or development participation certificates.  Investment with testamentary disposition.