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Our philosophy is basic: Hard Work.



We attributed our success to two principles: To work more hard than our opponent and to invest our considerable resources in the construction of the best possible case. We contracted the investigators and more capable experts to compile the best tests and to construct a strong case. In everything what we do we paid much attention to the necessities of our clients. Although we prepared the case to go in opinion, if a client wishes to avoid stress or the public exhibition of a judgment we are capable negotiators and we work in that case to obtain a extrajudicial adjustment. Also we can help the population and company of the United States. Several members of the personnel of our Law Firm speak English and/or French. Habitually we helped them in complex litigations. In Islas Colin & Attorneys we told on the resources necessary to obtain that justice in its case becomes. Ours experienced lawyers and competent staff they will put all his knowledge for You Call with us to initiate to work please in its legal problem. We omitted the list and registry of our clients, for obvious reasons, because our reputation and experience are based mainly of the confidentiality of our services.



A foreigner can acquire a property in Mexico?


Nevertheless, when the border zone of or zone of beach is in, it is recommended to acquire by means of a Trust or a Mexican Mercantile Society. Mexican corporation. The Trust is used generally to have properties in the “restricted area” and it is known like restricted area that property that is located within the 50 kilometers (32 miles) of the coast or 100 kilometers (64 miles) of anyone of the borders (Article 27 of the Mexican Constitution).

How is created a TRUST?

Once authorized the Trust by the Secretary of Outer Relations of Mexico forms with the Bank of its preference and before a public notary. The property is not part of the goods of the bank and it cannot be subject to the right to retain the property that has not been paid or become attached to the obligations that the bank has. In Mexico, a great number of foreigners exists who are owners of properties in Mexico.

How it operates  the TRUST in a property?

It is used to a Mexican bank, in this case is the trustee, whom it retains I title for the buyer and in this case he is the beneficiary. While the bank is the technical proprietor of real estate, it has legal obligation to obey the instructions of the beneficiary on the property. The beneficiary has property right and can sell, rent, mortgage, transfer like inheritance or make any other act legal that wishes with  property. The beneficiary can transfer or assign his beneficial interests to any person and keep the gains by concept from the sale of the property, this subject to the applicable laws in the matter of taxes and the expenses that the sale causes. The property in a Trust can be transferred the heirs without the inheritance causes to tax some, because this is carried out naming them as beneficiaries substitutes in case of death.

What I finish has the TRUST?

The Trust can authorized until by 50 years, renewable.

How much costs a TRUST?

The costs to create a Trust are of 2.500 dollars approximately, according to the bank. And, they approximately have a quota of $500 to $1000 dollars per year by the administration of the Trust.The creation is paid to the notary and the quotas are paid to the bank,  of direct way. Our Law Firm, Islas Colin & Attorneys at all moment it can attend to acquire a property in Mexico.

:: Travel Tips ::ç

General recommendations

Prior to traveling, log on to the Tourism Secretariat site: – Tourism Secretary. Mexico. Click here look – Manual of Tourist Entry. Mexico.  click here look Maps of Mexico  ( Country, States, City and Downtown )  ( Highway and Subsidiary Road ).

It is recommended to register with your Consulate when you visit our country. It is strongly recommended that you obtain full coverage insurance. In case of accident notify the local police and your insurance company. While driving respect and obey traffic signs.


If you are visiting Mexico for less than 72 hours and traveling only Border Zone, you do not need to file any paperwork with immigration. Just bring your proof of citizenship (passport, birth certificate, or even driver’s license) if you are American, or your passport and visa if you are a citizen of another country, for re-entry to the US. If you are staying for longer than 72 hours, and/or traveling to Mexico, you need a tourist card. You can get this visa at either the Mexican Consulate closest to your home town or at the Immigration office near the border entrance. Make sure you have one of the following proofs of citizenship in order to obtain your tourist card: Passport, Birth Certificate, accompanied by a photo I.D. or Voter’s Card, accompanied by a photo I.D.

It is necessary to have the migratory form with you while you remain in Mexico, and turn it in when you leave the country. Minors must come accompanied by their parents, or have a notarized letter from the absent parent, authorizing their leaving the country. Our Law Firm, Islas Colin & Attoneys at all moment it can attend to cases the immigration in Mexico.


Tourists are permitted to enter Mexico with their personal effects and other articles necessary for their stay in the country. The Customs General Office, part of the Secretariat of Treasury and Public Credit, distributes brochures describing duty-free articles. To carry weapons without a permit is a federal offense in México. Importing sports weapons requires an updated permit, which may be granted by any Mexican Consulate. Upon entry into México, declare all electronics equipment valued at more than $50. This applies to items that will be given as gifts. Provide a receipt for each item showing the value It is against the law for a tourist to bring into México: Firearms, cartridges, bullet clips, explosives, chemical substances associated with weapons, ammunition, munitions, and other weapons (unauthorized buying and selling such items in México is a federal crime carrying severe penalties) All substances, products, goods and items regulated by Mexican trade laws Narcotics and other street drugs. Items that carry diseases or harmful biological vectors (such as soil, hay or cattle feed, straw or artifacts made with straw, home made foods, fresh, dried, frozen, or canned meat and meat products, such as cold cuts, or smoked, salted, or preserved meats, coming from unauthorized countries.)

Our Law Firm, Islas Colin & Attorneys at all moment it can attend to cases the customs in Mexico.

It is against the law for a tourist to take from Mexico:

Archeological jewels or gems or historical objects. Wild flora or fauna. All substances, products, goods and items regulated by Mexican trade laws. Fruits and vegetables that are not on the permitted list. Pork meat (except canned pork meat is permitted).Chicken meat (except cooked meat is permitted). More than one liter of an alcoholic beverage per person. (Adults Only) More that $10,000 (without declaring the amount to U.S Customs). For more information visit the customs here: – Customs Office. SAT. Mexico. or – Customs Office. US.

Temporary Importation of Vehicles

If you travel only in border zone Mexico, you don’t need to import your vehicle. If you’re traveling to other states in Mexico, please see the instructions for temporarily importing your vehicle: – Application and Payment. Temporary Import Vehicle. Mexico.


The most important thing is to use common sense when traveling, just as you would at home. Our police and security guards throughout are here to help you; feel free to ask questions or report suspicious behavior. For additional help, use our 24-hour :

– Tourist Assistance Hotline 078. and click here look more: – Federal Police. SSP. Mexico.

 01800-4403-690 Federal Police.

– 01800 90 AYUDA (29832).


ATM machines are conveniently located all along the Mexico. Most will provide only pesos, automatically using the current conversion rate when taking money from your bank account.

Public Transit

Taximeters are not widely used in Mexico, when using a taxicab make sure to negotiate the fare before boarding. Have exact fare for public transportation.

Medical Emergency (transfers to the USA)

Emergency Ambulance Transfer Service to the U.S. can be arranged through Medic One Medical:

within Mexico: 01(800) 027-3320,

in the USA (888) 901-7037 and (619) 247-6768.

Further assistance can be obtained from the Mexico Visitor Assistance Hot Line 078 or any local office of the Federal or State Secretary of Tourism.

Party Tips

 “Smart drinking” is always recommended when visiting bars or nightclubs: always be aware of what you are being served, never leave your drink unattended and do not drink excessively. Use common sense and enjoy the experience of Mexico. It’s illegal to drink on the streets or in your car in Mexico.


When buying any type of medication, make sure that there is no restriction for its purchase over the counter. If needed, be sure to have a prescription issued by a Mexican doctor. It is strictly prohibited to have excessive quantities of controlled medicines in your possession. Use common sense. For more information on bringing prescription into U.S visit the Customs Internet site. Click here : – Customs Office. US. Remember that if you purchase any medicine requiring a prescription and you buy it over the counter, you are at risk of being detained by the police authorities.

What should I do if I find myself in a traffic accident?

Dial the number 066 to notify the police the State. Ask that a policeman and a police accident investigator come to the scene to make a report. Or you can call the Tourist Assistance Hot Line 078. Do not remove the vehicles that are involved in the accident. Go with the accident investigator to the corresponding police station. You have the right to call your vehicle insurance company representative to discuss the accident with the judge and the accident investigator to determine who was at fault. If someone is injured, no matter how slightly, the person alleged to have done the injury must present himself at the State DA’s Office. If no one is injured, the parties to the accident can go before a judge to make an agreement concerning payments for the repairs, thus avoiding going to the State DA’s office.


If you are stopped by a police officer for a traffic violation, you should always politely insist on a written citation. When faced with a fine that you consider unfair, you can contest the fine by filing an appeal, either orally or in writing, for a municipal judge to review the fine. To do this, immediately go to the nearest municipal judge, you can also call our Tourist Assistance Hot Line 078. Remember that Mexican laws are applied equally to local residents as well as visitors who find themselves in Mexican territory. Always remember to carry with you a valid photo ID.

It is unlawful to:

Drink alcoholic beverages on the streets

Drive a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or control substance.

Enter a bar if you are under 18 years old.

Disturb the peace.

Possess or use of any type of drugs and control sustenance. Possess, use, or transport firearms and narcotics.


Complaints or Denunciations against Tourist Services:

Secretary of Federal Tourism

– Ph. (55) 3002-6300 Ext. 1248

– E-mail: quejas@sectur.gob.mx

– Internet: – Complaints and Denunciations. Tourist Services. Tourist Secretary. Mexico.



Every major city in the world has panhandlers. This social problem is common to urban areas. Their presence need not prevent people from enjoying Mexico. We suggest using a combination of caution and respect around panhandlers and other strangers. Contributing to panhandlers will not help the problem. If you wish to help, contribute to a charity, mission, food bank or social service agency that assists the needy

Toll roads

 The Mexico Toll Reads will provide you with ambulance service, towing service, additional night monitoring, and emergency medical service. Emergency phones are placed every mile on alternate sides of the toll read, and are marked with signs.

Green Angels

This is an organization belonging to the Federal Tourism Secretariat. Their main function is to help tourists in case of a vehicle malfunction while on the Mexican highways. They also provide free mechanical service; they have a communication network with different government offices of the same branch and also offer basic tourist information about the State and the rest of the country.

Traffic tickets

If you are stopped by a police officer for a traffic violation you should always politely insist on a written citation that you could pay at the police station or by mail. Be aware that speed limits in México are set in kilometers (1 mile= 1.6 kms.) so that the speed limit on highways is 55 Miles per hour and within city limits it averages 15 miles per hour.

When faced with a fine that you consider unfair, you can contest the fine by filling an appeal, either orally or in writing, for a municipal judge to review the fine. To do this, immediately go to the nearest municipal judge; if you need help to do this call our Tourist Assistance Hot Line 078.

Just like in the United States, you can get a ticket and be issued with a fine for:

Running a red light.

Not having or not using the seat belt.

Using cellular phone while driving.

Driving without a valid driver’s license or car registration.

Drinking alcoholic beverages on the streets, sidewalks or public property.

Exceeding the speed limit.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI)

In addition to the fine, you may also be detained.


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